Music can change the world because it changed my life.

The Journey

      Born in Ontario, Canada but raised in South Florida the emerging singer and songwriter known as Evan Ebanks developed a keen interest in music and performing at the young age of 8. As a kid, he was introduced to the upbeat and energetic sounds of pop and rock music by the father of a childhood friend who owned a recording studio. He watched and learned the ins and outs of being an audio engineer, and sometimes sang into the mic. It was also during this time that Evan Ebanks began to cultivate his vocal talent in the church choir and local performances throughout the Miami area. Years later, he started writing and arranging his own songs and decided that a musical path as singer and songwriter was his passion.
      Armed with a genuine vocal ability and high-energy style, Evan Ebanks has crafted a uniquely distinguishable sound that can be heard throughout his music. Fused with strong elements of pop, funk, and rhythm & blues, he works to create meaningful records that will be remembered for years to come. Influenced by the tempo of pop music and the melodic sounds of R&B love ballads, Evan’s musical inspirations come from a noteworthy assembly of industry greats.
      Evan continues to learn what it takes to be a great performer. Some of his past performances include a mix of corporate events and popular nightlife venues such as Blue Martini, Oceans Ten in South Beach, The Cleavlander in South Beach and The Hard Rock Casino. He is set to release his self-titled album debut on October 17, 2017, a 10-track melodically-infused introduction to a supremely talented artist who fosters a relentless passion to create nothing less than feel good music.